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  ( 2011-12 )

General Data

Crdts. ECTS.0

Departments and Areas
DepartmentsAreaFace-to-face theoretical creditsface-to-face practical creditsDept. Respons.Report Respos.

Study Programme sin which they are taught
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Subject context 2011-12
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Lecturer in charge
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Lecturers (2011-12)
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Timetable and Registration

Students registered (2011-12)
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Registration groups (2011-12)
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Graphical enquiry of timetables
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Timetable (2011-12)
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Competences and Objectives

Specific objectives provided by the teaching staff for the course 2011-12
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Theoretical and practical contents 2011-12
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Learning plan

Types of activities (2011-12)
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Weekly development of the activities (2011-12)
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Evaluation Tools and Criteria 2011-12
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Official examination dates 2011-12
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Bibliography and Links

Links related
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